One night only. Four Speakers.
Drinks and general awesome.

July 21st, City Gallery,
Civic Square, Wellington


Karolina Szczur
Karolina is a product designer and developer living in Melbourne, Australia. She writes extensively on company culture, collaboration and is passionate about improving diversity and inclusion. Karolina has also been working on a handful of community events—currently she co-organises JSConfEU, JSConfAU and CSSConfAU.
Aurynn Shaw
Aurynn Shaw has been a professional software developer for the last 15 years, and has spent the last 4 years working with DevOps culture and technology. Her company, Eiara, offers training in a wide range of DevOps specialities. She is also a mentor in the Summer of Tech programme in Wellington, and the Cultivate NZ programme, also in Wellington. She has spoken at several international conferences, including Kiwicon and PyCon US.
James Harton
James has spent more than 20 years making the internet. From his early days managing banks of modems at ISPs to working on today’s cloud services, James has focused on building great user experiences. These days James spends his days building software for the web in Ruby, Elixir and JavaScript and tries to only use his powers for good.
He still won’t fix your printer.
Tom Eastman
Tom is an open source technologist, Python developer, trainer, and devops/security consultant. He believes your two crucial metrics for measuring code-quality should be (a) "Will the person who inherits my code be glad that I wrote it this way?" and (b) "Will the person who attacks my code be annoyed that I wrote it this way?"


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